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INTERVIEW with Pro Media Mag

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. Nicky : I am Nicky, the leader and founder of Nothing But You! I am a native Japanese, born and raised in the Japan but decided to move to the US to fulfill my desire to sing foreign songs… I live like a typical musician. My hobbies are photoshooting, cooking and studying new things… Photo shooting is another passion of mine.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you start “Nothing But You”? Nicky : To me, a song always starts out as a feeling. I love being able to express what I’m feeling or thinking through my music. I also love that I can touch someone through my music and maybe touch someone’s life in some way. “Nothing But You” is all human beings’ dream… and LOVE!

Twist Online : Any reasons behind going for the name “Nothing But You”? Nicky : We wanted a name that is memorable and can help establish my personal brand. So we created a name that is related to the genre we wish to be identified with. We choose a stage name that actually means something to me! Nothing But YOU, Nicky!

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent track “Lips” Nicky : ‘Lips’ is my new single: a beautiful ballad that gradually transitions to an easy listening smooth love songs. Single ‘LIPS’ features collaborations with many of the talented names from across the world, including awards winning Turkish singer/songwriter Emine SARI, platinum award winner London-based music engineer Joel Evenden, Turkish music producer Cihat Atlig, and recorded at Shota Osabe’s Studio, California, and was released by Phoenix Records. “LIPS” single include an acoustic version of the song accompanied only by a guitar played by Turkish musician Oguz Ertok and produced by Joel Evenden. I can’t wait for everyone to finally hear it and the single is out now via all digital partners. The song is really inspiring, I also love when people say that they are inspired after hearing some of my songs, it’s a great feeling.


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