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Origin: San Francisco

Genre: Jazz /Lounge

Label: Phoenix Records

Official Websites:

Nothing But You


Nothing But You is a unique San Francisco bay area artistic endeavor blending ambient coloring with a loungy flavor. This creates the perfect setting for Nicky's sensual and soulful voice. Along with Phill the duo creates a beautiful sound collage of Rock, Soul and Jazz.

We have lived as if being guided and watched over by someone...perhaps our ancestors, Buddha or God....❤︎

The culmination of life became the inspiration for this we began spreading the message of Love.

Everything in our lives is meaningful.

No matter how hard it gets along the way, it is just a process of pursuing happiness.

Be's meant to be!

We hope that this resonates in the hearts of all mankind.....

"Meant to Be"

Nothing But You, Phill & Nicky

     Nothing But You               Phill & Nicky
   " Dream " that's the thing to do!❤️
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Label:Phoenix Records  


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